twins eating cake

April says: In the photo, Erin is the [tan] one on the left and April is the [white, or should I say porcelain] one on the right.

OK, so tell us the story behind this picture!

We both went back to the area we grew up to be bridesmaids in a friend’s wedding. It was the first time we’ve been able to see each other in a year! And nothing makes a celebration like a wedding and a family reunion as complete like cake does!

How old are you?

We’re 26 years old (Erin’s 8 minutes older than April) and we grew up in Upstate New York, about an hour south of Montreal.

 Erin’s Long-winded Answers (says April):

Where do you live? 

I live in Gainesville, FL, while I attend graduate school at University of Florida in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.  Florida is OK… but I can’t wait to get out.  It’s just not for me.  We (hubby and I) moved here for my education; him with no job, and nowhere to live.  We were homeless for about a week before we found an apartment.  Thank goodness we had enough savings to stay in an “Extended Stay” hotel, sneaking the cat in with the litterbox.  The first year here was one of the worst years of my life.  Financial strain and emotional stress at work really took a toll (I’d say we aged about 10 years), but we got through it.  Things are better now, and next year when I graduate and move to a new place, nowhere to live and him with no job, I’ll know we can handle it.  … So, I guess I appreciate Florida for that lesson, at least.


What makes you especially cool?  

I go to school for fisheries, but I don’t like TO fish.  I just LIKE fish.  I am an odd-ball in my lab; everyone’s favorite hobby and the reason they got into ‘fisheries’ is because they love to throw tackle in the water and lure in a bass.  I’m not against it, I just don’t have the patience for it.  And I stand my ground.  Everyone said, “you should get a rod, even a cheap one”… with thoughts that I would learn to like it.  I’m so glad I didn’t spend the $30+ bucks on a rod that I didn’t really have to spend, just to fit in… because now I know that I never would have used it anyway.  It’d be sitting in the corner of my bedroom, staring at me every time I walk in and I’d grumble to myself about how I wish I hadn’t spent the money on something so useless to me, and wonder if I could sell it on craigslist.

If you could go anywhere and stay there for a month, where would you pick?

I really can’t decide.  Because if you’re not actually moving to a place or studying abroad academically, then chances are you won’t be spending an entire month anywhere else besides your home.  Even places I love for fun – Las Vegas, Charlotte, Boston, the Keys – even with unlimited funds – I could see myself running out of things to do and getting bored…. There is only so much gambling you can do, only so many places to explore before you run out.  So I guess I’m wondering if “Western United States” is an adequate answer, because GOSH, there would be SO MANY PLACES I could visit in the western US and could very well take up an entire month.  So many National Parks, old friends, family (twin), ecosystems I have never seen.  Arches NP, Grand Canyon NP, Death Valley NP, Yosemite NP, Yellowstone NP, Redwood NP, old friends at Ash Meadows NWR, gambling, drinks, and flashy lights in Vegas, tidepools, giant trees, and moss along the west coast.  Yeah, I guess I’ll go with Western United States.  As long as I had unlimited funds, too. :)

what’s your unroast for today?

I like that I feel pretty today, because I am wearing a skirt and a nice shirt and make up and my hair for once is not up in a pony tail or a bun. Sometimes it just feels good to look nice instead of wearing the typical dirty, but comfortable gym clothes or fieldwork clothes that entail stretchy waistbands and loose t-shirts. I like that I didn’t forget to wear my jewelry to accent my outfit, and I like that every piece of my jewelry is a reminder of a special time. I like that I smell good, like cucumber melon, and that it is nostalgic of a simpler time when they still had that scent at Bath and Body Works and I got it for Christmas in the home that I grew up in 15 years ago.

*   *    *

 April’s Answers:

Where do you live? 

I just moved to Montana three months ago for dear husband’s job. It was a great improvement from the last place we lived—Middle-of-Nowhere, Nevada—and it’s a gorgeous state if it could manage to stop being on fire for a while this season. I currently work at the local newspaper for lack of a better job (and no, it’s not as a cool writer); I stuff newspapers. You know all those ads you get folded neatly into your sports section? I compile them and then put them into Section B, which we then put into Section A. At least I get a free paper every day. I have a degree in Ecology, but I’m considering a career change anyway (and I don’t mean as a newspaper inserter!), but I have no clue about what to change my career to.

What’s your unroast for today? 

I like when my curly hair feels full and bushy. It sort of reminds me of the description of Hermione sometimes in Harry Potter. While Kate loves her shaved head, I love the wildness of my hair.

What makes you especially cool?

Well, I’m a twin. And twins are ALWAYS cool, no matter what. Twins rock! People often ask, “what’s it like being a twin?” and I always ask back, “what’s it like not being a twin?” and it gives them pause before they realize it was kind of a silly question in the first place.

If you could go anywhere and stay there for a month, where would you pick?

Like Erin, I had trouble with this one just because of the sheer generality of it. I could say Europe, because it’s so big it wouldn’t be hard to spend a month “there” and I’ve always wanted to go. But really, at this point, it’d be anywhere my twin is. We’ve been living apart for far too long so I’d love to spend a month with her, anywhere.

*  *  *

God, this is fun. If you have a cake eater picture, send it to kate@eatthedamncake and get in on the action!


Kate on September 21st 2012 in cake eaters

3 Responses to “twins eating cake”

  1. Kristina responded on 21 Sep 2012 at 2:13 pm #

    Cucumber melon really was a great scent; I, too, used to buy it. Another coincidence, I also live in middle-of-nowhere AZ.

  2. Alexis responded on 22 Sep 2012 at 8:15 pm #

    I am a twin and my sister and I are best friend. I wonder how they handle living so far apart. My sister and I plan on separating and moving to two different cities. I can’t even imagine living without her. I agree with the whole “What’s it like being a twin?” question. When people ask us if we are twins, I just want to tell them “no” to see how they would react.

  3. Rapunzel responded on 23 Sep 2012 at 5:36 pm #


    We text constantly and skype sometimes too. It’s fun to skype with my husband and I, and Erin and her husband while playing mario kart on the wii against each other (through the internet on the wii, we can play together). It’s like having a party except 2,000 miles apart. It helps us cope!