I started writing this blog because I was tired of not eating cake. I love cake. But when I lifted the fork, this monologue would start in my head. It was about my arm fat and my waist fat and the fact that if you have this particular face, as I do, then you can’t really afford to gain weight. I started writing this blog because my friends seemed to have a similar speech stuck in their heads and because sometimes it seemed like most of the women I knew were wrestling with an image of the imaginary perfect woman. I was sick of her.

I kept writing this blog because I wanted to talk about eating the damn cake in a less literal sense, too. In the sense of jumping in, enjoying the small things, figuring out how to feel good about regular life.

Now, I write about whatever feels right. Most of it orbits around the experience of being a woman in a strange, sometimes hostile, sometimes subtly weird, often mysterious and always fascinating world.

I publish an essay here once a week, usually on Wednesdays. I do an “Unroast” with every post. Unroast: Something I like about the way I look (or anything else about my life) that day, and why I like it.

Thanks for being here– I hope you find something that warms or inspires you, or maybe even makes you enjoy your dessert a little bit more.



P.S.  Please send me pictures of yourself eating cake! I publish pictures in the Cake Gallery, and they are amazing.



admin on February 28th 2010