Women Eating Cake

PLEASE CHECK OUT THE TUMBLR SITE. I teamed up with an amazing photographer, Gloria Baker Feinstein, who shot some incredible pictures of women eating cake. And got them to talk about cake, too.

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Today was my birthday (37! Really?!? When did that happen?), and I made myself a big-ass Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cake (ok, soynut butter — I’m allergic to peanuts). With cow-shaped sprinkles. Served on My Little Pony paper plates from 1980-something I found at my parents’ house. So here is a shot of the damn cake and one of me eating the damn cake

(watch her HuffPost video about decided not to diet here)

“This is from my recent 25th birthday party. I love it for a couple reasons: 1) It was a striped-theme party, so everyone came in stripes. 2) I only recently became confident/brave enough to wear red lipstick. 3) I have eaten white cake with strawberry frosting and skittles on my birthday every year since I was about 3 years old. I refuse to end that tradition anytime soon. 4) I think I have a birthday glow in this picture. I had a bunch of friends in the room and I remember feeling invincible. An invincible birthday glow-worm.”

(By artist Laurie Skelton)

(Fat Feminist Activist Artist Brenda Oelbaum’s assistant eating chocolate cake in front of a wall of diet books)

(Cake Quote: Hannah eating a piece of dad’s birthday cake.. home from school sick.. coughing, eating, said, “Do you know what part of the cake is the healfiest? The coconut.. even though it is mixed in with chocolate and that brown sticky stuff whatever it is.”)


Kate on August 4th 2010