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Liz eats cake and talks beauty queens

Where do you live? I’m from South Florida (HEAT CHAMPIONS!!!) but I’m currently living in Costa Rica on a Fulbright Grant

How old are you? No one likes you when you’re 23 hahahaha

What are you awesome at? I’ve been told this by others, and tend to agree, that I’m awesome at communicating!

What is your favorite kind of cake? I haven’t had nearly as much cake as one should, but hands down this cake right here in this picture is my absolute favorite of all time! It’s so beautiful and enticing that I had to take a picture of it to send you, but I had no plans of having any, had to watch my figure…of course that lasted all of 2 seconds. The 3 succulent, moist, chocolate layers with the nutella type frosting and almonds staring up at me were too much to resist. Finally, I forgot about my figure and dug in to pure bliss.

But I didn’t forget about my figure for too long. Body image is something I overanalyze constantly within the context of my Venezuelan family.

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Kate on July 13th 2012 in cake eaters

Morgaine eats cake (suavely)

I am somewhere between 18 and 22 years old. My initials are SSM, but you can call me Morgaine. Sometimes it’s hard for me to accept that I am not, in fact, Morgan le Fay, so humor me, please. I live in Vermont, but I’m moving to Oregon soon.

I like to stand out. I have pink hair, a tattoo on my hip, and a stud in my nose. I run a fashion blog. I like to be seen, but I’ve only just realized that I’m deeply uncomfortable being known. Displaying myself for a crowd happens on my terms. When someone, of their own accord, tries to dig a little deeper, I run screaming. I’m slowly working up from “graceless hermit” to “functional conversationalist.” Perhaps one day I’ll attain “suave sophisticate” (but I’m not holding my breath).

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Kate on July 6th 2012 in cake eaters

Jessica eats cake

Where do you live? I live in Georgia, Northeast of Atlanta, in a little old-timey, backward town that has quickly exploded into a disgusting urban sprawl that threatens to consume every last inch of available parking lot space (read, woods). Also, there are no sidewalks. 

How old are you? I’m thirty-two. I’m thirty-two? Yes. Math still proves I’m no longer eighteen.

What are you really awesome at? I am really awesome at routinely beating myself up for unimportant things. Also, forgiving myself for beating myself up. I have a codependent abusive relationship with myself. That’s totally normal, right? Also, I make some awesome bread (except in the summer, when you pretty much have to bribe me to turn on the oven and we exist on goldfish crackers and cold waxed beans). I’m pretty good with my camera, and occasionally I write something decent.

What’s your favorite kind of cake? The kind that someone else made and is willing to share with me.

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Kate on June 29th 2012 in cake eaters

christine eats cake (and gets a piercing)

Me: Sorry, the questions are kinda corny…

Christine: Haha, but I love corny questions :D !

Where do you live? I attend university in New York, but this picture was taken in Santiago, Chile where I’m currently doing a semester abroad.

How old are you? By the time you publish my picture I’ll be 21 (I know, I know, I look so much younger…)

What are you awesome at? I’m really, really awesome at caring for the people that I love.

Favorite kind of cake? There are three favorites I cannot possibly ever choose in life — a favorite book, a favorite musical artist, and of course a favorite type of cake. Why choose a favorite when they’re all so fabulous :D ?

I wanted to pass on this photo of me & some cake for 2 reasons. First, this was certainly the best, most moist, delicious cake I’ve ever eaten in my life. I can’t even explain it in words, that good. Second, this picture was taken the day after I got the piercing that you see. Although I wanted it for a few years, I always told myself “I just didn’t have the face for it” or “I couldn’t pull it off.” But your posting about your short short hair, and having (or not having) “the face for it” got me thinking… And now I’m so glad I finally did it :D !

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Kate on June 22nd 2012 in cake eaters

Samantha eats cake

Where do you live? i live on the upper west side of manhattan

How old are you? 29

What is your favorite kind of cake? my favorite kind of cake is anything with vanilla buttercream frosting. seriously, i love vanilla buttercream frosting so much that when its on top of a cake, I barely notice what kind of cake it is. i have even, in moments of extreme weakness, made the frosting by itself to eat with a spoon.

What are you awesome at? awesome, hmmm…i know this is pretty dorky, but im absolutely awesome at making book recommendations. i have had a slight (ok huge) obsession with contemporary romance novels (think, nora roberts) for the past 13 or so years. ever since i started writing about the aforementioned novels on my blog, i get asked for recommendations all the time. i think really hard about what to recommend, mostly because i want whoever is asking to love these books as much as i do. i have had some very satisfied customers as of late, and they keep coming back for more, which makes me endlessly, impossibly happy.

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Kate on June 15th 2012 in cake eaters