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Guest Post: Rogue talks nude beaches. And also, the cutest video ever

Sorry if you were expecting the video to involve some cuteness occurring on a nude beach. It’s not like that.

But first, this is Rogue:

I asked her to talk a little about nude beaches, and this is what she said:

I go to a nude beach on Long Island pretty regularly every summer. It is a very social beach with a party atmosphere. Let me preface by saying that even though I am 5’10 that does not mean that I have a model body. I have some cellulite, adult acne and muffin tops when I try to fit into a size 12. However, this beach is my own personal paradise. Continue Reading »


Kate on August 7th 2010 in guest post, video

Video post! Elena eats yogurt

It’s the weekend! And it is approximately a million degrees here in gorgeous and fascinating Manhattan. I say “approximately” because there’s a chance it’s, like, 999,999 degrees. So much stuff has been happening. I found a veil, and a potential new apartment, and my fiance brought me these unbelievable cookies…From Levain bakery on 74th, near Amsterdam. I discovered that Sarah Haskins is the funniest woman in the world. Emily sent me photos I took of her during her visit. And Elena sent me a VIDEO. It all makes me feel very hip and multi-media.

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Kate on June 26th 2010 in beauty, body, food, new york, video, weight

Video: Christine Eats Chocolate Crisps

Thanks, Christine! You’re hilarious and awesome. People– feel free to send a video of yourself eating and talking!


Kate on May 2nd 2010 in video

Video: Kaila and Shannon Eat Ice Cream


Kate on April 18th 2010 in video

Video: Anna Eats Salsa


Kate on March 29th 2010 in beauty, body, food, video

Video: Laura eats….ate cake (and pudding)


Kate on March 25th 2010 in video

Video: Emily eats cereal


Kate on March 22nd 2010 in beauty, body, food, video, weight