I’m Kate. I live in Brooklyn.

Here’s my basic writerly bio:

I went to grad school at Columbia and had practical plans for the rest of my life, but one day I was standing at the top of Morningside Park looking over the crowns of the sycamores and Spanish Harlem beyond, and all I could think was “no.” So I started writing instead of doing anything that would result in a more reasonable amount of money. I created this blog, which still looks pretty backwoods and clumsy but has grown bigger than I ever expected. It’s been syndicated on Jezebel and commented (snarkily) on by Gawker and appears regularly on the Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

I was homeschooled and I write a column for the popular alt-ed magazine Home Education Magazine. I used to blog about homeschooling/unschooling at Skipping School, but I’ve stopped for now. I also wrote a column at The Frisky, called “Mirror, Mirror,” for a while. I’m a regular contributor over at the Sydney Morning Herald’s Daily Life, Australia’s most read women’s site. My work has appeared on/in Slate, Salon, Cosmopolitan, the Forward, Longreads, Tablet, the Hairpin, the New York Times, xoJane, and more. I’ve been  interviewed by PBS, the BBC, ABC radio, New Hampshire Public Radio (which sounded like “NPR” for a second when they called me), and iVillage.

I hope you’ll forgive me for the braggy bio– I’m too polite or awkward in person to work my accomplishments casually into a conversation, but I’m proud of having done these things in pursuit of my wild, relentless, often unfulfilled dreams, and I want to share them somewhere.

I am working on a fantasy novel about a girl who will eventually save the world. I am the part time chazzan (person who sings in Hebrew a lot and leads services with the rabbi) at a synagogue in central NJ.

I am still not sure what to do with my hands when I’m standing around.

I am trying not to be easily offended.

I am annoyingly aware of the smallness of life.

But often I find myself feeling strangely, irrepressibly optimistic.

I keep writing because writing is basically the same as hope for me.

I have a husband named Bear and a very, very young daughter named Eden. I wrote this e-book about my pregnancy and her birth.

I look like this:



At least sometimes. Sometimes I look a lot worse in photos. Sometimes I look better, if I take a hundred of myself and then fool around with the lighting in photoshop. I’ve done that. Too many times, probably.

This is a picture an artist named Tyler Feder drew of me, and I love it:


Kate on February 28th 2010